Why should I buy a wood burning stove?
Their running costs are low compared to Oil and Electricity. They are very efficient especially compared to an open fire which has an efficiency of around 20% where a new Woodburing Stoves is nearer 80%. Wood is the original carbon-neutral fuel. True, it releases carbon dioxide when it’s burnt, but the amount given off is the same as was stored by the tree when it was growing. And, if the tree were left to rot in the woods it would produce the same amount of carbon emissions as are released by burning it. they look great!! You cannot beat a real flame in your home.

Can I have a Stove if I do not have a Chimney?
Yes, you almost certainly can, especially if you have an outside wall. We are finding more and more customers would like a Stove that do not have existing chimneys. We can fit a steel chimney to most properties and you do not usually require planning permission. Please contact us (link) for a free site survey.

How much will it cost?
This is impossible to answer but stoves range from between £300 – £2,000 (some considerably more) and installations costs depend on each individual circumstances so for an accurate answer please contact us.
What can I burn in my Stove?
Stoves classified as multifuel can burn a wide range of mineral and bio fuels. We find most customers either burn wood or coal and we can help with the supply of both of these if required.

Who can install my stove?
It is essential that your stove is installed by a competent person i.e. a HETAS certified installer or equivalent who can sign off the installation. Alternatively the installation can be conducted under type A inspection and with the approval of your local authority building control department. We have registered HETAS installers that can do this for you (employed by us, not contractors).